<h3 class='act_tit'>OSAC conference, Brussels</h3>17. January 2019 OSAC conference, Brussels Alec will be attending the conference   ♦ Thursday, January 17 2019
<h3 class='act_tit'>IRIS 1st EC Review, Brussels</h3>18.-19. December 2018 IRIS 1st EC Review, Brussels   ♦ Tuesday, December 18 2018
<h3 class='act_tit'>European Innovators Annual Network Meeting, Hannover</h3>22. November European Innovators Annual Network Meeting, Hannover Looking into the future - HORIZON EUROPE. Elmar talks about Best Practice in Lower Saxony at 16:50   ♦ Thursday, November 22 2018
<h3 class='act_tit'>IRIS Smart Cities Meeting, Nice</h3>16-17 October IRIS Smart Cities Meeting, Nice Alec will be attending the project meeting    ♦ Tuesday, October 16 2018