Smart Cities & Energy Efficient Buildings

By 2050, some 70% of the world’s population is expected to be urban. Even now many cities are growing exponentially. This is where smart projects can step in, rejuvenating old buildings by making them more environmentally friendly with energy efficient measures and more comfortable for occupants. For a number of projects, our team has produced articles, features and videos while engaging with citizens.

An example of ESCI expertise at work was a series of webinars on key topics during the 2016 European Sustainable Energy Week. We harnessed the collective wisdom of a cluster of projects to discuss working with citizens as stakeholders – what worked, what didn’t, how to achieve buy-in and how to meet citizens’ needs with pioneering technology. Other examples include an Industry Academy Conference and a conference by four European projects on policy lessons.

For the EU project R2CITIES, the ESCI team adapted the online story telling tool pageflow to enhance web communication.